Predatory girls are hardly innocent

Missive to the Standard & Independent about the fuss kicked up when a barrister described a 13 year old girl as “predatory” in a court case

I really don’t understand the fuss about the barrister calling the 13 year old girl “predatory” in court. When I was at school, some (and I want to emphasise, only *some*) of the girls weren’t just predatory, they were sexually aggressive to the point of being terrifying.

I have long held the view that some of these cases – like the teacher and pupil that absconded to France a few months back – are not purely the work of the older party, but are also not only encouraged, but initiated by the girl. That doesn’t make it right, of course, but it needs to be accounted for as a factor.

The idea that these kids are as innocent as the wind-driven snow is demonstrably false, and this issue will never be sorted until all sides of the problem are honestly addressed.

Using the “innocent child” line to excuse bad parenting isn’t fooling anyone any more.

The Independent printed it with surprisingly few edits, given their rather unquestioning stance on the issue:


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