Perfectly-judged Royal Christening coverage

Sarky note to the Independent about their coverage of the Christening of Prince George which the rest of the media (especially the BBC) went massively over-the-top about:


Congratulations on your near-perfect coverage of the Royal Christening. 19 words in the bottom corner of page 27 was exactly what it needed.

It would have been perfect but for Grace Dent’s whitterings in her column, but then she got the fuss over Bake Off wrong as well, so I wasn’t surprised.

Which, with the usual edits, got printed as:


Jeremy Paxman & Russell Brand Newsnight interview.

My hubby asked earlier this evening what the fuss was about Paxman and Brand. I had no idea, so I watched the interview on YouTube. (Link here)

Brand is a complete twat! He claims he has never voted because he thinks all politicians are self-serving and work only for “the corporations”. And he’s smug and superior about not voting, and by his inaction, is letting them get away with it.

Fucking idiot. If none of the candidates, or their parties, satisfy you then you still vote – you bother turning up and you write “none of the above” on the paper and put it into the ballot box. It IS still counted!

But more importantly, it says that although you reject all the choices you were given, you do not reject the concept of democracy nor the privilege of voting. People like Brand who get smug and superior over doing nothing and who think inaction is something to be proud of get right on my tits.

If you don’t vote, if you can’t even be bothered to write “none of the above” on a piece of paper every couple of years, then you have no right to make any comment whatsoever about anything political.

It’s his shallowness that really pisses me off. When Paxman asks the perfectly reasonable question about the alternative he’d prefer, Brand waffles on about “egalitarian society” or some such meaningless bullshit then whines that he was busy last week and hasn’t had time to think up an alternative political system!

He’s had at least three decades to make one up and he’s basing his non-voting behaviour on that.

He’s decided that a different system is needed. Well THAT is a difficult conclusion to reach, isn’t it? Presumably he decided that back in the seventies when he rejected democracy. But exactly what his different system is, how it will work in reality and how we get there from here, he hasn’t wasted a second thinking about that. Yet he presumes to make political comments?! Just how trivial *is* this man?

Brand should shut the fuck up because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Great British Bake Off: Ruby Tandoh misses the point

Whine at the Guardian after this piece appeared on their front page…


In her rambling self-denying piece on the public reaction to her performance in The Great British Bake-Off, Ruby Tandoh seems to have analysed everything except her own performance.

Her unpopularity with the public had nothing to do with sexism, misogynism or flirtatiousness.

It had everything to do with her spending the entire series wearing a face like thunder, sulking like a spoiled simpleton teenager and constantly playing to the camera.

Yes, she’s right, it’s manufactured television. There’s a lot of it around and the viewers have long learned to recognise when they’re being played. She tried to play us and we weren’t fooled by the little girl lost Barbie Doll act.

Widespread resentment at her attempt is inevitable.

Saudi Arabian snub of UN Security Council seat is right

Whinge at the Evening Standard about Saudi Arabia’s bare-face cheek and pretence at being a civilised country:


Saudi Arabia is absolutely right to snub an invitation to sit on the UN Security Council because of the UN’s failure to address issues like Syria, Palestine and nuclear proliferation.

But perhaps those issues are too big and complex for a large, unwieldy organisation like the UN? Maybe it should be addressing smaller, more easily solved problems.

Like human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Public faith in police is far higher than in politicians

Whinge at the Independent after they printed a leader claiming that after plebgate, the public had lost faith in the police:

You may be right that public faith in the police has been tested by “plebgate” (though nothing like the degree to which our patience has been tested).

However, since public faith in politicians is far far lower than in the police, we’re still giving the benefit of the doubt to the police.

It will take more than the claims of sleaze-ridden, expenses-fiddling, bandwagon-jumping politicians to shake our belief in the police, I assure you.

For some reason, they felt the need to remove “expenses-fiddling” before printing it, though! :


Capped rail fare increases – faulty analysis

moan at the Evening Standard about crap maths…


We are being told that although average rail fares will increase by the expected 4.1% next year, the maximum rise will be capped at 6.1% from 9.1%. Rail users’ pressure groups are saying this is good news. They are under-analysing the situation.

If an average is maintained but an upper limit is reduced, a lower limit has to be increased to compensate. It’s basic maths.

Why are we not hearing about those rail fares that might have been frozen next year but will now have to go up to compensate for the new reduced maximum increase?

Royal Mail: Russian standards of asset theft

missive at several papers because I am getting increasingly pissed-off at the Royal Mail sell-off, not least of all because the Royal Mail in its current form already makes a profit for the country


“It’s your chance to own a bit of the Royal Mail” they claim. I’m a British citizen, I already own a bit of the Royal Mail, thank you very much.

What they mean is that they’re stealing my bit and everybody else’s bits and flogging them off very cheaply so their city friends can make a lot of money.

It is asset theft on a Russian scale, pure and simple, and utterly corrupt.

The Evening Standard printed it, which I was quite impressed by, given their Russian ownership…


A day later, the Independent printed their version, without the Russia reference – they’re owned by the same Russian as the Standard…