Great British Bake Off: Ruby Tandoh misses the point

Whine at the Guardian after this piece appeared on their front page…


In her rambling self-denying piece on the public reaction to her performance in The Great British Bake-Off, Ruby Tandoh seems to have analysed everything except her own performance.

Her unpopularity with the public had nothing to do with sexism, misogynism or flirtatiousness.

It had everything to do with her spending the entire series wearing a face like thunder, sulking like a spoiled simpleton teenager and constantly playing to the camera.

Yes, she’s right, it’s manufactured television. There’s a lot of it around and the viewers have long learned to recognise when they’re being played. She tried to play us and we weren’t fooled by the little girl lost Barbie Doll act.

Widespread resentment at her attempt is inevitable.

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