The Guardian is now part of the Russell Brand PR machine

Whine at the Guardian after they gave him a column and a page to himself


Why are you taking Russell Brand seriously?

You have given him a front-page column and a whole inside page to waffle in. Why? My head’s going to explode if I read any more.

“I remember the election” he say proudly, as though three and a half years is some sort of record for his chemically-damaged brain. He waffles on about Top Shop’s dividend policy saying that he’s not going to vote for that, oblivious to the fact that nobody but Philip Green does. But worst of all, he still thinks that his non-voting policy is showing “the man” that he rejects them when in fact he’s giving them permission to do whatever they like. Why anybody takes this mental midget seriously is quite beyond my understanding.

He wants a revolution. That’s it. That’s all he’s decided. Just that. He has no idea what he’s going to replace “the system” with, mostly because he has no idea what “the system” is, he just knows he doesn’t like it. He has the political integrity of a moody ten year-old, and just as much credibility.

By giving him so much space, The Guardian is just feeding his desire for self-promotion and adding to his delusions of adequacy.

Please don’t do it again.