Get a grip on cycling fatalities

Even the bloody Observer is treating thus non-story as though it was national news. Grrr…


According to the Department of Transport, over 540,000 cycling journeys are undertaken in London every day. That’s nearly 200 million a year. A dozen or so fatalities is a tiny proportion of these and indistinguishable from background noise, statistically.

Every death is unfortunate, of course, but when cycling is as close to 100% safe as it is, I have to question the mayor’s spending a billion pounds trying to improve this number. He’s doing it by taking vehicle lanes away and allocating them to cyclists, thus dramatically increasing the overcrowded on roads which are already close to capacity. This is going to heighten the risks for all road users, including pedestrians, who die at a rate some 600% that of cyclists – where’s the hand-wringing for them?.

We are going to have to recognise that beyond a certain point, we cannot reduce the number of fatalities given the fundamental nature of cycling and cyclists behaviour.

That billion pounds could certainly be put to far better use in London to provide social housing, for example, and I resent it being wasted on an unsolvable problem just because the victims are white, middle class and affluent.

And bless my soul, they printed it – without the contentious last two paragraphs, of course…