Standard completely blinkered about cyclists

The Evening Standard has gone all soft in the head again about cyclists on London’s roads. This time, they’re pushing a front-page story whinging that only four drivers have been prosecuted over forty cyclist deaths: Original article

Once again your critical analysis has failed when it comes to cyclists.

Why should there be more than four jailings of drivers in incidents that result in cyclist deaths? It has been long documented, including in safety campaigns run by The Standard, that cyclists’ behaviour is the major contributing factor in road incidents involving them. Frankly, I am surprised that there are as many prosecutions of drivers as there are. Hopefully improved CCTV and the growing use of dashboard cameras will reduce wasted police and court time.

Your assumption that the cyclist is always the victim and is always blameless is becoming intensely irritating because it is a completely inaccurate view of reality as any road user, pedestrian or police officer will tell you.

Please provide a more accurate balance in future.

They won’t publish it, of course, they never do. It spoils their world-view of cyclists as martyrs…