Caring, Sharing Keith Vaz, Hero of the people.

Missive to The Independent after they wrote a rather understated piece on Keith Vaz:


You stated that Keith Vaz “enjoys the limelight” which is a little like describing Jim Davidson as “a little unfunny”.

This media whore MP is an embarrassment to Parliament. An ambulance-chasing self-loving publicity opportunist who would trample over an old lady to get closer to a camera. There will never be a bandwagon too small for Vaz to jump onto if there is the slightest chance of a few seconds TV time or a centimetre or two of newsprint.

He tries to sound sincere and worldly, but the truth is, “Caring Sharing Keith” is a parody of Spitting Image proportions being played out to people with dysfunctional brainstems who can’t separate truth from fiction.

Why anyone thinks this avatar of a man should be taken seriously is quite beyond understanding – his sincerity is tissuepaper-thin, his actual power is mostly an illusion and his motivation is totally self-serving.

I would look forward to his retirement, but I know he will simply re-model himself as an elder statesman and seek out even more media coverage for his irrelevant opinions.

He is one of very few people that make me wonder if we wouldn’t be better adopting a North Korean style of political management…

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These posts represent the collected thought of Paul Harper. Usually rants, occasionally lucid, always easily ignored. Read, don't read, your call!

One Response to Caring, Sharing Keith Vaz, Hero of the people.

  1. geoffpaddock says:

    I guess, Mr Harper, that your unkind comments are missing a little “Vaz Deferens”. But always entertaining….

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