Scotland’s new-found enthusiasm for sharing

The tedious issue of Scotch independence rumbles on, with the separatists complaining about being denied the use of the Pound and EU membership:

I am loving the SNP’s indignant outrage at not being allowed to share our national assets, the Pound Sterling and our EU Membership.

I assume their new-found eagerness to share national assets will extend to North Sea Oil as well.

What’s that? Really? How very strange…

Pregnant commuter get treated like everyone else shock horror probe

Whine at the Evening Standard piece here :

She’s pregnant, not ill. If she can’t do the journey, then she shouldn’t be trying.

There are plenty of other people who can fulfil the invaluable role of marketing at her place of work, I am sure.

A lifestyle choice to get pregnant does NOT entitle you to anything extra from others. Not space, not upgrades, not respect. She and others like her should take responsibility for her own decisions.

There are too many martyrs around.

Flooding: When did we lose personal responsibility in this country?

The people who live by the side of a river, on the coast, on flood plains or on reclaimed marshland (like the Somerset Flats) are playing a percentage game. They are gambling that the once-in-a-couple-of-centuries series of storms won’t happen while they live their idyllic waterside existence.

Most of the time, because the percentage chance of it happening is so small, they get away with it. It is hypocritical of them *in the extreme* to complain if the Environment Agency and the government plays the same percentage game.

How much would the uneducated masses be complaining if billions was spend on flood defences when nothing is likely to happen for decades or centuries? They’d be up in arms complaining about it.

The railway to the SouthWest has been there since Brunel built it. The Thames hasn’t flooded this high since long before 1947. How many billions would you like us to spend now to make sure that these things are still safe in the year 2235?

Also, nobody has explained to me why the people who live in these places can’t organise and pay for their own flood defences. They seem to be such experts on it.

Has the question “How much should Council Tax go up to pay for local flood defences” even been asked? Or has it been asked and met with stoney silence? It always seems to be “someone else’s fault” these days.

Nobody has a backbone of their own. It’s pathetic.

The Standard published it, but edited it almost out of existence:


The infinite tedium of yet another Hillsborough inquest


I note with resignation that the infinite tedium of yet another Hillsborough inquest is about to get underway. Already, the apologists are up in arms because some of the submitted evidence suggests that alcohol may have played a part in the event.

The nay-sayers cite the low bloody alcohol levels of the victims as proof that this is not the case. Let’s examine that, shall we? The Liverpool fans who turned up in plenty of time, who allowed for travel issues and who didn’t loiter in local pubs and who were near the front in a prime position to be crushed had low blood alcohol levels. So far so underwhelming.

What about the blood alcohol levels of the Liverpool fans who arrived late after long coach and rail journeys where drink was flowing freely, of the Liverpool fans who lingered in local pubs as cited in the original inquiry reports, of the Liverpool fans who actually did the crushing and killing of their fellow fans? Where is that measurement?

The repeated and nauseating levels of denial about the root causes of this event sicken me.