The infinite tedium of yet another Hillsborough inquest


I note with resignation that the infinite tedium of yet another Hillsborough inquest is about to get underway. Already, the apologists are up in arms because some of the submitted evidence suggests that alcohol may have played a part in the event.

The nay-sayers cite the low bloody alcohol levels of the victims as proof that this is not the case. Let’s examine that, shall we? The Liverpool fans who turned up in plenty of time, who allowed for travel issues and who didn’t loiter in local pubs and who were near the front in a prime position to be crushed had low blood alcohol levels. So far so underwhelming.

What about the blood alcohol levels of the Liverpool fans who arrived late after long coach and rail journeys where drink was flowing freely, of the Liverpool fans who lingered in local pubs as cited in the original inquiry reports, of the Liverpool fans who actually did the crushing and killing of their fellow fans? Where is that measurement?

The repeated and nauseating levels of denial about the root causes of this event sicken me.