Scotland’s new-found enthusiasm for sharing

The tedious issue of Scotch independence rumbles on, with the separatists complaining about being denied the use of the Pound and EU membership:

I am loving the SNP’s indignant outrage at not being allowed to share our national assets, the Pound Sterling and our EU Membership.

I assume their new-found eagerness to share national assets will extend to North Sea Oil as well.

What’s that? Really? How very strange…

Pregnant commuter get treated like everyone else shock horror probe

Whine at the Evening Standard piece here :

She’s pregnant, not ill. If she can’t do the journey, then she shouldn’t be trying.

There are plenty of other people who can fulfil the invaluable role of marketing at her place of work, I am sure.

A lifestyle choice to get pregnant does NOT entitle you to anything extra from others. Not space, not upgrades, not respect. She and others like her should take responsibility for her own decisions.

There are too many martyrs around.