Stephen Lawrence: Enough already!


I notice with tired resignation that the annual wallowing over Stephen Lawrence is underway again, despite it now being over two decades since the event.

It seems the family resented being monitored after the murder. Quite why is beyond my understanding. With so many black teenagers dying as a result of gang action, and with family members frequently also involved, the police would have been wilfully negligent had they not watched the family afterwards. I don’t understand the outrage.

The media and politicians aren’t helping. They’ve got dad Neville crying on cue for the cameras and with Lady Saint Doreen of Assissi now on perma-wallow in the House of Lords, it looks like Stephen’s death is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sadly, all this well-meaning, if self-serving activity is rather disrespectful to the dead and strikes a very sour note. It’s been twenty-one years now, it’s time for them to be quiet and get back on with their lives.