Thoughts on Tony Benn

Tony Benn died this morning

He was right on most things, but occasionally inconsistent. He opposed Britain’s entry to Europe because he didn’t want British decisions made by unelected European bureaucrats, and he opposed Britain’s re-taking of the Falklands because he *did* want British decisions made by unelected UN bureaucrats. I suppose he agreed with Emerson when it came to foolish consistency!

His attempt while Postmaster General to get the Queen’s head removed from postage stamps was just petty, but in the vast majority of instances, he was absolutely spot-on – morally, politically and in sensing the mood of the nation.

He will never be remembered for being a great man, but he will be remembered for something better: being a good man.

Well,they changed the phrasing, and looked up Emerson’s full name, but printed it pretty much intact: