Malaysia missing aircraft coverage: complaint to the BBC

After one of the most unsightly media scrums I have ever seen – including a mad chase up a moving down-escalator – I felt that BBC News coverage had gone way beyond self-parody:

“It was unclear to me this morning whether I was watching BBC News or Drop The Dead Donkey. Your coverage from Malaysia has been poor throughout, being based almost entirely on heresay and speculation, but reached a new low in impartiality and objectiveness when your crew spent the morning chasing Chinese people around a hotel lobby before getting all righteously indignant when the authorities, quite rightly, stepped in to end the scrum.

It was gutter journalism worthy of News International, not the country’s premier news service. I was ashamed of the BBC this morning, I really was. “Enthusiastic amateurs” was the kindest way of describing you.

Please get your act together and remember that you are supposed to be respected news-reporting professionals.”

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