Labour’s limp-dicked policy on railways

Got an email from the Evening Standard letters editor on the Sunday of Brighton Pride asking for my views on Labour’s non-nationalisation railways policy. This is what he got back:

Not for the first time in recent years, I am very disappointed with Labour’s stance on something.

Britain’s railways used to be a classic example of how not to run a nationalised industry. Over-manned, militant and with an arrogance that only a monopolistic industry can possess. However, the current free-market model has proved to be even worse. Rampant ticket price inflation, zero competition, growing public subsidies and huge profits for the rail companies have all shown that there is something worse than nationalisation.

Labour needs to bite the bullet and say – loud and proud – that a nationalised, but efficient, railway is the only cost-effective model that makes sense. They need to grow a pair and seriously push this as a manifesto pledge. They will get huge support from it, I am sure, because it is the only model that makes sense.

And this is what they printed: