Turning off traffic lights at night. D’Oh!

Some idiot is – seriously – proposing that Central London traffic lights be turned off at night to save energy and improve traffic flow. If that doesn’t deserve a rant at the Evening Standard, nothing does:


Of all the lame-brained ideas I have heard lately, turning off traffic lights at night is by far the stupidest. Though I suppose it will give our A&E departments something to do when it would otherwise be quiet.

If they want traffic to be self-regulating, traffic lights should be set to flashing yellow like Zurich does. At least that way drivers know they are approaching a junction and should take care.

Turning them off is a recipe for disaster.

Which got printed as:


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One Response to Turning off traffic lights at night. D’Oh!

  1. Russ says:

    They leave them flashing Red at night in Austin, TX

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