Band Aid Hypocrisy

Someone had the idea of trying to clone Band Aid from DNA fragments found in the fossil of the old one…


I do love it when multimillionaire, millionaire and millionaire wannabes all get together to sing a song telling poor people to give money to even poorer people.

It really pulls at the old heartstrings.

Paul Harper

Misguided calls to extend the poppy display

Much noise is being made by people too lazy to get to the Tower of London during the last few months who now, suddenly, what to see the Remembrance Poppy Display before it gets removed from the 12th November.


Calls are being made to extend the superb poppy display at the Tower of London beyond the 11th November.

I disagree. It is the difference between respectfully commemorating something and wallowing in it.

If people want to see it again, then a similar idea could be implemented in the lead-up to the centenary of the end of the war in 2018.

Despite the Standard leading the calls for an extension, they printed it: