Argentina predictably wrong on Top Gear

After months of listening to official complaints about the show, we finally got to see the two-part, two hour Top Gear special filmed in Patagonia…

By making all those whiney, ineffectual official government complaints about Top Gear without having seen the programme, Argentina, predictably, made themselves look extremely foolish.

Up to the point where the mindless neanderthals decided to attack the film crew, the whole two-part, two hour special had been, like all the other specials, an extended tourist promotion for the area.

The last eight minutes and the utterly misjudged Argentinian government reaction to it managed to undermine that. Had they left well alone and had the so-called “veterans” (who all looked suspiciously young to have been fighting in that conflict some 33 years ago) just ignored the camera crews, Argentina would have had its most positive global media exposure for decades.

Instead, they’ve portrayed themselves as thugs and idiots. Their loss…