Social Media Reaction to Madonna’s Brits Prat-Fall

Interesting to read some commentary on social media’s reaction to Madonna’s prat-fall at the Brits last night. Lots of moaning about how sexist / ageist / offensive it is. 

I think the issue is being under-analysed. Does anyone know if SHE is offended by the comments, or if she has even noticed them? Because that’s all that really matters. 

If not, then all we’re seeing here is offence-by-proxy. That’s just a variant on the pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped emotional manipulation that X Factor fans, reality TV viewers and citizens of Liverpool so love to indulge in. It has no reason to be taken seriously because it’s just fanboys disliking their idols being mocked, nothing more. 

The habit of sticking an “…ist” or an “…ism” after something we dislike in order to give ourselves legitimacy is getting very tiresome. “Ageist”, “sexism”, “antisemitism”, “homophobia” and the like usually translate to “Someone’s being a bit mean and I don’t like it” which is, at best, a primary school playground whine. 

If people can’t deal with the bear-pit of social media, perhaps they should reconsider their use of it?