Newspapers aren’t taking Facebook seriously

Whine at The Evening Standard about rubbish Facebook captions from newspapers:


It looks like our beloved news sources have been saving a fortune and using cheap interns to write their Facebook story captions again. From this morning’s collection: The Mirror – “The voice of Mr. Burns is leaving – but how much of a whole will he leave on The Simpsons?”; The Independent – “Meet the first know warm-blooded fish…” and from The Mirror again – “Kid’s do the funniest things…”. 

Then there’s the single-word, clickbait caption, just in case their readers are too stupid to form the right opinion about something: The Telegraph tells us that a story is “Incredible…”, a sentiment echoed by The Mirror for a totally different story. The Independent, not to be outdone, tells us that a story is “Wonderful” before captioning another one with just “Ouch”.

And this lot wonder why we don’t take them seriously any more. Fuckwits…

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