1st November 2019. Our first day outside the EU. Erm… Oops.

Oh look. It’s 1st November 2019 and we’re still in the EU. This is now Leavers’ 4th attempt at leaving and we’re not even allowed a 2nd referendum. Hmmm.

I’ve checked out of the window and I can’t see any vast plumes of smoke rising over the London skyline, just as I didn’t on the 30th March or the 13th April either.

I don’t hear any smashing windows, crashing cars or rioting knuckle-draggers. It’s almost as though the fearful stories of mass civil unrest, of fighting in the streets, of looting and of death & destruction if we don’t leave on time were all just some fear-based project designed to intimidate people into supporting an otherwise unsupportable cause.

Almost as though we’ve all been lied-to. Again.

Almost as though under-endowed White Van Man and his fishwife missus with their notoriously stunted, punctuation-free vocabulary have decided that although they could beat us all to a pulp if they wanted to, unfortunately at this very moment they have something else to do, sorry.

But we’d better watch out, ’cause next time…

Yeah. Sure. See you on the 1st February next year.

About Paul Harper
These posts represent the collected thought of Paul Harper. Usually rants, occasionally lucid, always easily ignored. Read, don't read, your call!

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